Сопот (Пол)

Lototskyi Ihor

34 года, Киев, Украина, высшее образование
+380 (50) 647-XX-XX

Программист, devepoper, project menedger

ищу работу в Сопоте, Сопоте, Гданьске, Гдыне, Кракове, Вроцлаве, 5 000 зл.

Опыт работы

Software Developer of development department
3 года 7 мес
Июн 2015 - Настоящее время
participate in the development and support in the technological processes of the company

Assisted in the development of windows forms C# applications service
 Support and monitoring of operability modules of the program - windows forms C# applications support and related technologies.
 Work with Unix-like variants systems – development of Install packages of the application for Linux, Ubuntu, Debian etc.
 import \ export of data from \ to another programs – working with various databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Firebird, 1C products and other)
 technical support of users
 Сuration in the development of the company's website - designing and participate in the development, full follow-up support (Word Press, work and organize at site hosting, Plugins, Google Adwords etc.).
 Сuration in the development of mobile applications of the program for IOS and Android – project requirements, design, development & testing(Visual studio, Xamarin).
 Сuration in the development of online-module of applications of the program for web sites - project requirements, design, development & testing(Angular JS).

Высшее образование

International Scientific and Technical University, Kyiv
«Computer sciences» (Specialist)
5 лет 1 мес
Июн 2001 - Июл 2006

Знание языков

Английский - средний

Дополнительная информация

To be placed at a responsible position in a company where I can utilize my skills and knowledge for the attainment of its goals and prove myself as a valuable asset to it. I would strive hard for the organization, which in turn contributes to my personal and professional growth.

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